Terms & Conditions

What is The Table Company?

The Table Company is a brand that focuses on enhancing everyday dining experience at your home.

Where is The Table Company based?

    It's headquartered in Bangalore, and has a regional office located in New Delhi.

    How do you make this?

      All are products are designed and manufactured in countries around the Globe, with most desirable quality & techniques.

      It looks lovely, but my house help can be quite reckless.

        Don't worry. Every piece can be washed by the toughest & roughest hands. Only our 24 KT Gold tableware needs to be easy-washed with soap & water. 

        What if it it slips?

          While our products are tough, yet they are breakable.

          Is this safe to eat & drink in these products? 

            Yes, all our products are all food-grade certified.

            Can I use a Dishwasher?

              Most of our products can we washed in dishwashers, except the 24 KT Gold ranges, that need to be easy-washed, only with soap & water. No scrubbers.

              Can I put ceramics in a Microwave?

                Most of our products can be used in Microwaves, except the 24 KT Gold ranges & Crystalline glasses. In fact, ceramics are one of the the best baking companions.

                What about breakage during delivery?

                  If you receive a damaged product, let us know within 48 hrs of receiving the product and we’ll get it replaced as soon as possible.

                  Do you take things back?

                    Check out our 'return policy' to know more.

                    Do you gift wrap these?

                      Sure, we'd love to gift wrap it for you.

                      How long does it take to ship things?

                        Well, that completely depends on where you stay. But we despatch our orders within 24- 48 hours of confirmation. Your order reaches you in 3-10 days, depending on your address.

                        When do you recommend I use your products?

                          Every day. Why should we only wait for occasions..?

                          Aren't your products delicate?

                            Come to think of it, it's only as delicate as we are clumsy. And just in case you drop it, it's so sustainable, it'll come back to you in another form soon.